Sunday, March 10, 2013


I had a splendid break. Italy was amazing. Switzerland was jaw breaking-ly beautiful. Paris was wonderful!

Now I am back, back to face reality and to make more life decisions. I shall make a good start and re-birth to a better tomorrow.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

HOLIDAY in the air

Hey all!! Happy CNY in advance!!! Finally... I can smell HOLIDAY in the air!!!

Finally... my long awaited trip to Italy, Switzerland & France is here!!! Time for a short break. Just holiday, shopping, eating & sleeping. Give myself a break from all stuffs here and will come back to start afresh!

Life is short... so make full use of it and be happy always!! 

May everyone reading this have a prosperous Lunar New Year!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


懂了 最後那句我懂 要學著放手不要再聯絡 
門開著 大喊大哭叫著 卻沒有人可以來救我 
你沒有錯 錯在我要的太多 
朋友勸我 不要傻過了頭 

被你愛過瘋過忘過的我 到底算什麼 

自作自受 幫你找藉口 
成全兩個人的自由 卻剩寂寞在哄著我 
為你痛過恨過錯過的我 到底算什麼 
自作自受 相信你編的理由 
還以為你 開玩笑騙我 

笑了 電影情節巧合 淚無聲滑落割傷我的喉嚨 

祝福你 我無法說出口 徹底失控在你的枕頭 
你沒有錯 錯在我要的太多 
朋友勸我 不要再傻過了頭 

被你愛過瘋過忘過的我 到底算什麼 

自作自受 幫你找藉口 
成全兩個人的自由 卻剩寂寞在哄著我 
為你痛過恨過錯過的我 到底算什麼 
自作自受 相信你編的理由 
還以為你 開玩笑騙我 你說我是不是瘋了 


把相片全部都 吞進了回憶中 
曾緊緊擁抱我 不放開的手 

為你痛過恨過錯過的我 到底算什麼 

自作自受 相信你編的理由 
還以為你 開玩笑騙我 
你說我是不是瘋了 你說我是不是瘋了 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

My 27th Birthday

3 wishes I made this year ultimately ...

1) Smooth Sailing Career
2) Happy Family
3) Someone who knows how to appreciate me better

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


Everyone has someone in their life that makes them look forward to each day.


Welcome 2013.

I look forward to a great year ahead. I have an obstacle first to embrace this week. I hope all will be fine. If it's fate's decision, I do not think it will be so short lasting.

In this new year, I pray for good health, smooth sailing career and a blessed happy family. May all my love ones be blessed always.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Looking forward to 2013

2012 is coming to an end soon. Finally, I have time to update this little space of mine...

The past year have been kind of fruitful. Though there were downs but the lessons learnt make me stronger and a better person. In the coming 2013, I hope that everything will be smooth sailing. That will be more than enough for me.

Had a fantastic X'mas this year. Really one of the best so far. Partied, ate and drank like crazy. I had real lots of fun. Thanks to my best buddies who made it so exceptionally fun.

Hmm... I hope this new encounter will eventually grow. I have never felt like this before and I hope that this seed that I have planted will grow and bloom in time to come. I hope everything will be smooth sailing. I really look forward to it. =)

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Sometimes, things that you do not much control over, its better to have lesser expectations to avoid further disappointment. I believe so far I am managing it better these days. At least, the impact suffered is lesser.